May. 12th, 2017

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Title: a shadow in the light
Rating: G
Notes: No idea if this goes to anything or not but I liked the idea, so I did the thing.

He came from the land of shadows and scraps, a land where light was the must indulgent, decedent thing one could posses. It was a luxury, a thing only the few and far between ever got the chance to have.

But now, now he’s in the light and it hurts.

It stings his eyes, burns his skin, makes him long for the darkness he knows so well. The dark was home but now? Now he’s been thrust into this bright, shining world and he has no idea what to do and there’s no way to find his way home again.
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Title: Put On a Show
Rating: PG
Notes: I do not own questionable fashion statements.

“Extravagant,” she says, scolding.

He spins an elegant circle: head thrown back to bare the loop of necklaces around his throat, arms curving over his head to let thick rows of bracelets glitter in the light. The silk brocade hangs loose across his shoulders. “Flattery will get you everywhere.”

“Hn. True enough.” Something catches her eye; she separates the ring from the pile on the end of her knife, squints assessment. Diamond, she thinks: hard and cold and practical. Scrubs it against her tunic, smearing the red before it dries and crusts in the fittings. “Got us in the door.”


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