Jun. 18th, 2017

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Title: Futile Response
Rating: G
Notes: I do not own colonies.

You’re focussing on the symptom, little sister. Look for the disease.

Take in city-fires, heatflash silhouettes on cracking concrete, air thick enough to swim through – then look up.

Skim the storeys, to save time. Punch-clock routine and punch-clock comforts, then someone pulls the clock apart to rework the wiring. Breezes set to circulate bliss, bare feet on marble, glitter-eyed mermaids in the water. Fat, fleshy gardens, I hear. Fruit ripening to rotten.

Pretend you can look up to see the lights. Prayer-capsules and god-engines, encoding wishes and wants. Satellite smitings from orbit.

Then look up

Ah. Now we’re getting somewhere.
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Title: Fevered
Rating: T (but I'm being cautious)
Notes: I'm completely new to Dreamwidth—I apologize in advance if I get this wrong!

The ideas burned in him like fever: new furies, new countries, new monsters to kill in all the old ways. We would burn this place down and build a new one from the ashes—ashes (he told me) could be used to make cement. Could be used to clean glass til it shone. It burned in him, burned in all of us—

Burned like fever. And broke like fever too, passing from one moment to the next from haze to dizzy clarity. When you wake to sweat and memory, knowing now what it feels like to be able to be warm.


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