Sep. 6th, 2017

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Title: Shelter
Fandom: Blackthorn & Grim
Rating: G
Notes: prompt #058 "beginning"

The cottage is dilapidated, but it will do.

First, he re-thatches the roof, because he remembers endless nights of rain--being drenched to the bone, and the cold seeping into him.

He digs a new privy and clears the well, because every night brings him back to his cell with its bucket and dirty straw and the stench of unwashed bodies.

At last, he turns to the garden.

Overgrown. But dark, rich soil to grow enough for both of them--food, herbs for her trade, and flowers to make it their own.

And maybe, one day, it will be home.
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Title: A first hello
Original (or) Fandom: Original
Rating: G
Notes: Prompt #58 Beginning

Nea looked at the screen, it showed nir a name and number. Lizzette Garnaes, B221. Ne looked up and let nir gaze sweep over the room with nervous first years, wondering who in there could be Lizzette. There was no need to worry yet, ne’d know soon enough.
After dinner ne grabbed a map from one of the older students and started making nir way through the buildings, looking for the right room. After 30 minutes ne was standing outside room B221, taking a deep, wavery breath before opening the door. A pair of green eyes met nirs.


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